Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 MIT SWE Executive Team and Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the new Exec and Scholarship Winners!

2017 SWE Exec:

President - Joanna Han
VPs of Outreach - Jeanie Pearson and Jennifer McCleary
VP of Campus Relations - Jae Hyun Kim
VP of Career Development - Alisha Saxena
VP of Membership - Michele Miao
VP of Technology - Baula Xu
Administrative Officer- Nancy Hung
Financial Officer - Rebecca Grekin

Upperclassmen awards: 

1. Teresa de Figueiredo
2. Hannah Thel
3. Hannah Huynh

Freshmen awards: 

1. Kiera Gavin
2. Crystal (Xingyu) Chen
3. Carol Wu

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