Monday, April 19, 2010

General Body Meeting + Dinner from Qdoba!

WHO: You!
WHAT: General Body Meeting
WHERE: 4-370
WHEN: Thursday, April 22 6-7pm
WHY: Learn about SWE scholarships being offered and eat yummy food from Qdoba! (vegetarians, there's food for you too!)

Swing by 4-370 from 6-7pm this Thursday to learn what's up with SWE, including scholarships you can apply for (oriented towards academics, volunteering, innovation and business, and open to all MIT students). ...Or at least come to get a free dinner and catch up with (SWE) friends!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You're invited to...
MIT SWE Alumni-Relation Study break!

Time: Wednesday, April 21 6.30-7.30pm

Location: Student Center- Room 491

Seniors: come and input your ideas about how you want to get involved in alumni events as future alumni.
Non-seniors: come and hang out with dear SWE members and tell us what alumni events you are expecting.
Alumni: come and meet current SWE members, get involved in event planning, and share your experience!

And enjoy yummy THAI food.


We are still about 4 mentors short…!

As all of you know KEYS is a program targeted at middle school aged girls (age 11-14). Through our program we hope to give girls an exposure to science and engineering that they cannot get in their respective middle schools and excite them about the subjects. The long term goal is obviously to inspire them to consider a career in the field of science and engineering (and come to MIT) ;)

This semester KEYS will meet twice on a Saturday (April 17th which is tomorrow and May 8th) and each session will have about 30 girls. The sessions typically start at 10am and finish around 4pm.

To give you an example for a typical session: In our first session on Saturday we plan to build trebuchets in small groups and finish with a small competition. We will visit the lab of Sangeeta Bhatia, which conducts research on applications of micro- and nanotechnology to tissue repair and regeneration. We will be given a lab tour and do some hands-on activities. We will also go to a presentation given by the LSC about 35mm film projection (how lenses work, digital sound, etc) with demos of movie trailers. It should be really exciting and there will obviously be lots of free food and a free T-shirt for every participating mentor!

Anyways, this long introduction was meant to excite you about volunteering for KEYs in one of the two sessions or at best in both! We still need some female volunteers to help us out, ESPECIALLY THIS SATURDAY, since right now we only have 5 mentors for the 30 girls.

Email Sabine to volunteer!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A message from the president of MIT SWE

Hello MITSWE Members, and a warm welcome from the MIT Society of Women Engineers to all of you pre-frosh! I'd like to present our brand new website, created by our Director of IT, Susie Fu '12. She has done a fantastic job, and I hope that the site will prove itself to be a great resource for all of you.

I'd like to invite all of you to attend our CPW events this week! SWE is one of the biggest organizations at MIT, and we welcome students in all majors to attend our events throughout the year. Our aim is to provide a vast number of resources to MIT students as a whole, while supporting and encouraging young women to enter the field of engineering. Here is a list of our CPW events:

Friday -
*SWE Prefrosh Dinner*, 6-7:30PM, Room 4-270

*Activities Midway* Booth 8 & 9 near The Tech, 1-3PM, Dippin' Dots!

We look forward to meeting all of you at some of our events over the next few
days, and in the future! We have giveaways, delicious food and treats, and lots
of things to tell you about MIT and about SWE!

Diandra Drago
MIT SWE President

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Get ready for CPW!

SWE has our annual CPW Bertucci's dinner on Friday, April 9th at 6pm in Room 4-270.

We also have a booth at both activities fairs! Come and find us! On Saturday the 10th we have Dippin' Dots to give away at the Student Activities Fair in Johnson Athletics Center (W34).

KEYs needs mentors for their last two sessions on April 17th and May 8th! Email Sabine and Yuliya for more information about mentoring for KEYs.
Hello everyone! MIT SWE is hoping to give you the most recent updates by including blog posts on the front page of our brand new website.

The goal of the new website is to give our members an easily accessible bookmark to keep up with upcoming events and find out about MIT SWE's member resources.

Be sure to check out these features:
On the right: calendar with links for more information
Under "Resources": career tips
Under "For Members": photos, scrapbook, newsletter

If you have any suggestions or questions about the site itself, please feel free to email me here.

Director of IT