Thursday, November 25, 2010

MIT Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Application!!

MIT's Society of Women Engineers 2010 Scholarships
Deadline: December 1, 2010

SWE is offering 3 scholarships to the MIT undergraduate student body. Winners in each category are awarded $750.
Students are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships.
Please submit (and direct any questions) to:
Descriptions below and in attached flyer.

-Submit Transcript and Resume 
-Please submit a 500-750 word essay response for each of the two questions below. 
1) SWE has encouraged students across the nation not only to explore fields of engineering, 
but to actively engage in their learning.  At MIT, our education develops both inside and 
outside of the classroom. Please tell us what „education‟ means to you. 
2) SWE students have been on the frontlines of change for more than 50 years, empowering 
women to succeed, advance in their aspirations, and be recognized for their life-changing 
contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders.  Please describe an instance where 
you felt you made an impact on your society, inspiring and encouraging your peers along 
the way. 
-Submit transcript and resume 
-Please submit a recommendation from your research supervisor. 
-Please submit a 500-750 word essay response for each of the two questions below. 
1) As a national organization, SWE has encouraged its students to branch into the many ar-
eas related to science and engineering. Briefly explain what attracted you to your field of 
engineering, how and/ or if that relates to your research, and what you intend to do with 
your degree. 
2) Please describe your current research project, your passion and motivation behind it, and 
how your research will impact others whether they are scientists, industry professionals, or 
mainstream society. 
- Submit transcript and resume 
- Please submit a 500-750 word essay response for each of the two questions below. 
1) As a national organization, SWE supports professional development and leadership in 
engineering and technology. MIT offers students the chance to focus on global leadership, 
innovation, entrepreneurship, and best business practice — programs designed to give pre-
sent and future leaders the skills and knowledge they need to improve the world. What does 
“entrepreneurship” mean to you? 
2) Please describe an experience, past or present, in which you took on the role of entrepre-
neur. What impact did your project aim to make? Was it successful? What have you learned 
from this experience about entrepreneurship? 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Congratulations MIT SWE on Winning 3 Awards at the SWE National Conference!

This is an announcement that MIT SWE won 3 awards at this years National
Conference this weekend!

-Best Website!!!
Kudos to the MITSWE Webmaster, Susie Fu!

-Best Professional Development Event, "Meet the Professionals" !
Kudos to:
      -Sandra Chen and Kuan Cheng for their 2009 MTP contributions
      -Crystal Mackenzie and Christine Chen for their 2010 MTP

-Best Outreach Series Event!
Kudos to all of our Outreach Chairs!
       -Kimmi Li and Sumi Sinha, WiSE Chairs
       -Yuliya Preger and Sabine Schneider, KEYS Chairs
       -Elizabeth Phillips and Audra Podany, Event Outreach Chairs
       -Marie Herring, Kellie Courtney, and Ekaterina Paramonova, Off-Campus
       - Elizabeth Rowland and Tara Mokhtari, Girl Scout Outreach Chairs

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off to the National Conference!

Hello MIT SWE,

13 SWE members are currently sitting with me in Boston Logan Airport on our way to Orlando, FL for the Society of Women Engineers National Conference. We will be meeting up with our other 3 members down there, who flew out from MIT early to represent Region F as Senator and Regional Collegiate Communications Editors in a few important meetings.

This weekend will be chock full of awesome workshops, a Career Fair, Collegiate leadership meetings, and socializing with both companies and other SWE members. See you all in a few days!

Diandra Drago
MIT Society of Women Engineers President