Saturday, February 16, 2013

Announcing SWE Planning Board 2013!

Congratulations to the new 2013 MIT SWE Planning Board! We look forward to having a great year! And thank you for everyone who applied, we hope to see all of you at our upcoming events.

VP Outreach: Jean Xin
Off-Campus Outreach Chairs: Connie Liu, Emily McDonald, Amy Prager
Event Outreach: Jennifer Li, Mary Guan
Girl Scouts Outreach Chairs: Martha Mercado, Farah Patel, Malena Ohl
WISE (Women in Science and Engineering): Maryam Zekevat, Kate Tatar
KEYs (Keys to Empowering Youth): Ceili Burdhimo, Rachel Lathe
Middle School Outreach: Chennah Heroor, Dacie Manion

VP Campus Relations: Stephanie Chen
Internal Mentorship Chairs: Anne Kim, Sophia Li, Stephanie New
Campus Social Chairs: Shahrin Islam, Priscila Cortez
Department Liaisons: Flora Tan, Margaret Guo

VP Membership: Pritee Tembhekar
Membership Development Chairs: Priya Garg, Charlotte Zhu, Nitya Subramanian
External Relations Chairs: Srinidhi Viswanathan, Hannah Pang
Marketing & Media Chairs: Kristen Wu
Senior Representatives: Liza Xu, Leslie Chan

VP Corporate Relations: Ayesha Bose
Professional Development Chairs: Katie Lee, Hannah Kempton
Corporate Relations Chairs: Barbara Schloss, Cara Lai, Carolyn Chang

President: Anika Gupta
Treasurer: Carolyn Joseph
Secretary: Jenny Shen
Webmaster: Quanquan Liu