Monday, December 9, 2013

MIT SWE Scholarship Recipients and Election Results

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients and to the new 2014 SWE Executive team!

Scholarship Recipients:

1st place: Nalini Singh
2nd Place: Helen Zhou
Honorable Mention: Niki Tubacki

1st place: Ayesha Bose, Margaret Guo
2nd Place: Kate Tatar, Ceili Burdhimo
Honorable Mention: Flora Tan, Carolyn Joseph

2014 SWE Executive Team

President: Ayesha Bose
VP of Outreach: Connie Liu
VP of Campus Relations: Nitya Subramanian
VP of Membership: Srinidhi Viswanathan
VP of Corporate Relations: Margaret Guo
Secretary: Rin Islam
Treasurer: Priya Garg
Webmaster: Flora Tan

We can't wait to see you thrive!