Friday, December 14, 2012

SWE Holiday Party

Happy end of the semester! To mark the end of a great year in SWE, we held a holidy party during which internal awards, scholarships, and the new FY13 Exec board was announced. See below for pictures and award winners. =)

MIT SWE Scholarship Winners:
The MIT SWE scholarships are awarded to leaders in the organization and promising freshmen who exhibit the qualities that the Society represents. This year we had a larger number of applicants from which our dedicated alumni selected four outstanding individuals. Two freshmen and two upperclassmen will receive $1000 and $500 for first and second place, respectively, to use towards their achieving their aspirations.

Freshman: Srinidhi Viswanathan (first), Kate Tatar (second)
Upperclassmen: Anika Gupta (first), Pri Tembhekar (second)

MIT SWE Interal Awards
In order to recognize the great work of the planning board and exec, people were asked to nominate individuals who were outstanding this past year.

MIT SWE Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Xu
The MIT SWE Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a junior or senior who embodies the spirit of SWE, and who has continuously contributed to the advancement of the section with their leadership and vision throughout their time at MIT.

Outstanding New Board Member Award: Dacie Manion
The Outstanding New Board Member Award is presented to a new board member who took initiative upon joining the section and excelled at their position. 

MIT SWE Future Leader Award: Nitya Subramanian
The MIT SWE Future Leader Award is presented to a freshman or sophomore who has distinguished themselves early on with their talent, dedication, and leadership.  This individual shows great promise to become a future leader of the MIT SWE section.

Outreach Achievement Award: Jean Xin
Outreach is one of the defining values of the Society, and is the most expansive section within MIT SWE.  This award is presented to a board member who showed excellence in their work with outreach.

Most Active Member Award: Anika Gupta
The Most Active Member Award is presented to a member who has risen above the requirements of their position by attending and contributing to many of the activities throughout the MIT Section.

Exec Choice Outstanding Board Member Award: Jenny Shen
The Exec Choice Outstanding Board Member Award is presented to a member who the Exec Board wishes to recognize in particular. This individual has not only excelled in her position, but has also inspired those around her and shows great promise to continue in MIT SWE as a leader.

MIT SWE FY13 Exec Board
Congratulations to the new Exec Board who will step into their roles starting January 1.
President: Anika Gupta
VP of Outreach: Jean Xin     
VP of Campus Relations: Stephanie Chen
VP of Membership: Pritee Tembhekar
VP of Corporate: Ayesha Bose
Secretary: Jenny Shen
Treasurer: Carolyn Joseph
Webmaster: Quanquan Liu

Sunday, December 2, 2012

F13 SWE Exec Voting is now open!

Voting for FY13 SWE Exec is now open!

All national members are invited to vote, though MIT certificates are required. Please visit the ballot page to read the platforms of the candidates.

Voting will close on Wednesday, December 12 at 11:59pm.